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If you are in search of comprehensive information about certified translations (traducciones juradas) in Spain, you’ve landed at the ideal destination. La Vila Traducciones is your trusted partner, boasting a dedicated team of certified translators ready to cater to your translation needs while addressing any questions that may linger in your mind. This article will delve into the intricate world of certified translations, shedding light on essential aspects. Should you still have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What Constitutes a Certified Translation? A certified translation, also known as a sworn translation or “traducción jurada” in Spanish, is essentially a translation that comes with a certification from the translator affirming its accuracy. However, the process of accrediting a translator varies from one jurisdiction to another. This diversity in recognition criteria underscores the importance of understanding the specific requirements in each location.

Here at La Vila Traducciones, as a Spanish-based company, we adhere to the standards set for certified translations within the Spanish context. In Spain, certified translations must bear the mark of a sworn translator, which includes the translator’s stamp and signature. Sworn translators in Spain are appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are required to pass a stringent exam or hold a university degree in translation to be eligible for this position. Consequently, certified translations in Spain are subject to state regulations.

On the other hand, in English-speaking countries, the bodies responsible for authorizing certified translators are often independent organizations established by professionals within the translation community. Notable examples include the United Kingdom’s Institute of Translation and Interpreting, the Republic of Ireland’s Irish Translator’s and Interpreters’ Association, and the United States of America’s American Translator’s Association. Australia is an exception, as its national authority, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, is state-owned. Despite this variation, these associations define and enforce the standards they consider acceptable. From a Spanish perspective, the regulation and accreditation process of sworn translators differ substantially.

When Do You Require a Certified Translation? If you find yourself in need of a certified translation, it is likely linked to an official procedure. The purpose of a certified translation is to facilitate the process for the official institution receiving the documents, saving them time and money by providing a clear understanding of the original document. The translation, accompanied by the certification of a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ensures the swift acceptance of the documents. If the translator does not hold this appointment, the translation must undergo review by a Spanish diplomatic mission or consulate or a diplomatic mission or consulate in Spain corresponding to the country of origin.

In other countries, the necessity for a certified translation depends on the specific documents involved in official matters. For example, the UK Home Office stipulates that translations should be provided by a translator registered with an official organization, such as the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting. In Ireland, documents must be translated by a “professional translating service.” Despite not being organized by the state, these certifying bodies play a crucial role in guaranteeing translation accuracy.

How to Verify a Translator’s Certification In Spain, certified translations will bear a stamp with the translator’s full name, the languages they are certified to translate, and their registered translator number. The translator will also sign the translation, which includes statements in Spanish and the target language confirming their appointment, understanding of the text, and the accuracy of the translation. For anyone still harboring doubts about the translator’s official status, an official list of translators is maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This list is categorized by language and the translator’s province or country of residence. Each entry provides contact information and the translator’s current status, whether “active” or “inactive.”

The Significance of Certified Translations Obtaining a certified translation is the most efficient and reliable way to ensure that the documents you intend to present will be readily accepted. This expedites the entire process, enabling you to proceed with the necessary proceedings without unnecessary delays or concerns.

At La Vila Traducciones, our team of sworn translators stands ready to translate your documents. With a track record dating back to 2009 and proficiency in a multitude of languages, you can trust in our certified translators’ expertise and our commitment to providing top-quality translations.

What documents do I need to translate to live in Spain?

Legalizing and Translating documents to live in Spain

If you are considering moving to Spain, it is important to take into account the legal formalities and which documents to translate to live in Spain in order for your transition to be successful. One of the crucial aspects is the legalisation and translation of certain documents that will be required by the Spanish authorities. At La Vila Traducciones, we are experts in sworn translations and immigration procedures, and we are here to help you through the entire process.

Legalisation and translation of academic degrees or diplomas

If you have academic degrees or diplomas from studies carried out outside Spain, it is likely that you will need to legalise them in order to have them recognised in your country. The legalisation of these documents ensures their validity and authenticity before Spanish institutions. At La Vila Traducciones, we can take care of the legalisation of your academic qualifications, thus facilitating your integration into the education or employment system in Spain.

Most frequent documents that need to be legalised:

Depending on the body to which you need to submit your documents, there are certain types of documents that tend to be required more frequently. Some of these include:

Academic degrees:

If you plan to continue your studies in Spain or seek employment in your professional field, it is likely that you will need to present the legalisation of your academic qualifications.

Certified transcripts:

Legalisation of certified transcripts supporting your previous studies is often requested, proving your academic history and grades.


In some cases, it may be necessary to present the pensum de estudios, i.e. the details of the subjects and courses you have taken, so that Spanish institutions can assess equivalence with their own education system.

Birth certificate:

The legalisation of your birth certificate may be required for various administrative procedures in Spain, such as applying for residency or enrolling in educational programmes.

Criminal record certificate:

To ensure security and comply with legal requirements, you may be required to present a legalised criminal record certificate when applying for residency in Spain.

Documents requiring an apostille must be apostilled in the country of origin and translated in Spain by a sworn translator.

At La Vila Traducciones, we have collaborators who are experts in foreigners and we know the specific requirements for each country and type of procedure. We offer you a comprehensive service that includes both the sworn translation and the legalisation of your documents, ensuring that you comply with all the legal requirements when emigrating to Spain.

Don’t let the language barrier or red tape prevent you from achieving your goals in Spain. Trust us and let us help you through the whole process of legalisation and translation of documents to live in Spain. At La Vila Traducciones, we are committed to your success and will facilitate your path to a new life in this wonderful country. Contact us today and let us be your ally in your journey to Spain!

Welcome Spain and La Vila Traducciones collaborate to offer complete immigration services in Spain.

We are thrilled to announce that La Vila Traducciones has entered into an exciting collaboration agreement with Welcome Spain! This strategic partnership aims to join forces in order to provide a comprehensive and high-quality service to our clients.

Welcome Spain is a service agency specialized in assisting foreigners who come to work, study, or live in Spain. With extensive experience in the industry and a focus on delivering a seamless experience to its clients, they have earned the trust of individuals from around the world who wish to settle in our country.

At La Vila Traducciones, we take pride in our ability to provide top-notch translation and localization services. Our main goal is to help businesses and individuals communicate effectively in different languages, bridging linguistic and cultural barriers. By partnering with Welcome Spain, we can offer a holistic solution to those in need of assistance with both translation services and services related to arrival and adaptation in Spain.

This collaboration will enable us to offer our clients a variety of services, including specialized translations of legal documents, employment contracts, immigration forms, educational documents, and more. Additionally, we will work closely with the Welcome Spain team to provide consultancy and support services for obtaining work and residency permits, housing search, administrative procedures, job search assistance, educational guidance, and much more.

Our commitment to quality and precision aligns with Welcome Spain’s dedication to providing personalized and tailored services to meet the individual needs of each client. We are confident that this synergy will allow both companies to deliver comprehensive and effective support to those looking to settle in Spain and tackle the challenges that come with it.

At La Vila Traducciones, we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide solutions that are tailored to their needs. With this collaboration, we are certain that we can bring significant added value to our clients, offering them the peace of mind and confidence necessary for their new chapter in Spain.

We are excited to embark on this thrilling journey with Welcome Spain and look forward to the projects that lie ahead. If you would like to learn more about our services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Together, we will facilitate the successful and satisfying arrival and adaptation of foreigners in Spain!

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